I improved a dangerous skill

Dangerous to my waist line, at least. It’s already imperiled. I finally got into one of the baking classes down at La Farm where I had a frenchman shouting at a group of 12 on how to properly man handle dough.

We started out shaping a whole bunch of pre-made dough so it could get a rise in before baking. The video is the ginormous german oven that they do all their baking in. If you want to imagine size, think about an oven that’s probably a 12 foot cube that has 8 levels each. The slide to load it up is probably about the size of a stretcher. It was mesmerizing. I’d go watch them add/remove bread except the baking is pretty much done by the time they open for the day.

The last bit of class was the first bit, mixing and shaping dough by hand. Nearly everyone was freaking out (well, deeply concerned I should say) about having to work with sticky dough and they thought it shouldn’t be that way. Spoiler. It was. It should be. You can avoid some stick by just working with quick movements and it helps a lot. Think slime or corn starch+water and those non newtonian fluids. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go put those words into youtube.

And to wrap it all up, they hand you a brown paper bag, collect all the bread the class made (if you can find your own, you probably didn’t do a very good job), your dough, and go home.

I opted to bake the following night. I need some practice as my boule was a little bit flabby and shapeless, as well as probably too big because I remember when we made them there, we got 2 boules out of 1lb of dough and I just used one. And my scoring was poor too. There’s some wordplay possible about a butter face in here somewhere I’m sure of it.i made dis

But I’ll keep practicing. I have some other pictures too.

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