Peachtober #30, orange

We have some controversy in penultimate 2021 post.

this one is clearly on the side of pulp. I’ve come to tolerate it. M liked a japanese maple so much she worked on recreating it.Ok. now hear me out. Depending on how in the gutter your mind is, it’s not what it looks like. The instant I saw the prompt, the only thing in my head was this.

Knock Knock?

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I’m not a banana… NOOOOOO!!!!


It’s got segments! It’s an orange in banana form. You creeps.

2 thoughts on “Peachtober #30, orange

  1. I have so enjoyed this drawing challenge. I looked forward to both the drawings and the witty commentary about said drawings. I know M was getting a bit stressed over the daily creativity, but she also thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe do a spring challenge, too?

    Also, I totally love the banana/orange drawing 🙂

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