i blame china for my vacation delay

Tire got swapped today and I asked to keep it. I mean, I’m pretty sure i can throw it away for free if i don’t think of another use for it. I’m sure they would have charged me some kind of disposal anyway. So after dissecting, it wasn’t a razor blade, but I could’t say what it was.

Explains why i couldn’t find it looking for it while tire was mounted.

Itty bitty evidence from the inside.

And I extracted it. Oh right, the other side said ‘China’ on it.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected, though it did probably go through some cords and it sliced up the tread block a bit, so a few thousand miles on it was probably unwise. So, what do I do with a 285/30/r22 tire? If those numbers mean nothing to you, just think… fucking ginormous.

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