Peachtober #21, sun

I will show you mine, butt first, there’s J’s. You’ve seen the front of the smiley suns, right? Here’s the back.

M gives us a sunset where the light blinds my eyes.

And I’ve done something that’s supposed to be some kind of an eclipse. Might also be a phoenix’s eye. Art, aint it a thing.

Peachtober #20, sound

M says ‘Like he’s tried to scare people 5 times already but he failed every time and he’s so done’. We agreed.J wants everyone to very much know that the pig is popcorning, not farting. I say why not both?
But I am taking things to 11 because I needed just that little bit extra.

Peachtober #14, scout

Casey was the first to hand his homework in before the daily dead line, so, first billing for me. 
J next. I joked maybe our pictures were the same universe. 
And then M. A scout from Attack On Titan, the team that protects the people from giants that usually don’t have skin and are super creepy in general. The giants that is.