We went sight-seeing

Well hi there. Been a while, hasn’t it? That sums up 2020 for pretty much all of us, doesn’t it?

We are still more or less house bound, but just slightly less than almost a year ago, but sometimes we find some things that require a couple hours of driving and are mildly interesting.

There’s a thing called the NC Musician Mural Project that show cases NC born musicians. There aren’t many currently, but the few around here that are an easy drive include Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. Earl Scruggs and Randy Travis are a much larger drive, west of Charlotte. Maybe another time. Maybe.

Coltrane’s is on the back of the Hamlet Opera House, at least when it did that. These towns are super small, and Covid has made extremely sure that the downtowns were heavily ghost like. So many boarded up or empty shops in Rocky Mount on the main drag and it felt kind of recent.mural of john coltrane in hamlet nc

thelonious monk mural in rocky mountand all of this, was made extremely comfy in <price is right voice> a new car!!

helgaApparently it’s a 3 year itch because Ingrid had just had a birthday. There was a lone tear, it was a good car, no complaints there. But, this is going to likely be the last hurrah for the gas powered cars, so I went big. This is Helga. She be stout, matronly, cushy, but, believe it or not, a rocket ship.