Peachtober #25, water

You know who this is.

Mine is a northern gannet, a diving seabird. One of their adaptations is that they don’t have external nares (nostrils on the outside of the beaks), so when you restrain them you have to be careful not to hold the beaks too tightly, else they suffocate. There’s your seabird fact of the day. 🤓

The emo’est of cloud. It’s a vibe.Don tickles, notary public. Some say he grew a beard and still lives here. But that’s a damned lie.

Peachtober #21, sun

I will show you mine, butt first, there’s J’s. You’ve seen the front of the smiley suns, right? Here’s the back.

M gives us a sunset where the light blinds my eyes.

And I’ve done something that’s supposed to be some kind of an eclipse. Might also be a phoenix’s eye. Art, aint it a thing.

Peachtober #20, sound

M says ‘Like he’s tried to scare people 5 times already but he failed every time and he’s so done’. We agreed.J wants everyone to very much know that the pig is popcorning, not farting. I say why not both?
But I am taking things to 11 because I needed just that little bit extra.